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Nike in order to meet the upcoming season in New York basketball event, Sportswear launched a series of new sports shoes, in order to highlight the city's love of sports and the unique culture of New York. The series of Force Air 1 and Dunk Nike and other sports shoes influence has long been beyond the arena, becoming a shining star in the streets of New York and more cities. to add a glory to the battle of the weekend, each with a sports shoes in the design are a fusion of the five pointed star, four stars and single stars pattern elements. These elements to pay tribute to the object are: the five boroughs of New York City; a basketball game is divided into four sections; and the unique, forge the legendary basketball top celebration. Air Force Elite 1 ASNikeNike to the United States presidential plane named Air Force 1 by Nike designer Kilgore Bruce design, more than thirty years to continue to attract people from all walks of life. This pair of classic sports shoes was born in 1982, is the first to use Air Nike technology of basketball shoes, and ultimately more in the field outside the broad field of hot pursuit. Along the connecting New York and Washington Interstate 95, Nike Air Force 1 invincible, classic is a basketball and street culture symbol. It is a fashion designer from the arena of the legendary players favorite one of single product. Nike Air Force 1 Elite AS on behalf of the people of New York has always been the love of basketball, and the city continue the spirit of innovation, but also on the classic tribute. Visible in the bottom side of the cushioning unit is reminiscent of Nike Air Max 1. This is the 1 since the advent of Air Force series for the first time in the outer bottom with second windows, from another angle to show shock technology Nike classic. After the transformation of the outer end of the substantial weight loss, reducing the use of rubber material. A Phylon chip in the bottom also helps to reduce weight. All white color uppers with Vec-Tech with convex show star decoration: toe part of the decoration of a symbol of New York's uniqueness and five pointed star; the subsequent transition to four angle star. Finally, heel is raised diamond type single stars. Nike Dunk CMFT PRM ASsince its inception in 1985, Nike Dunk sports s cheap jordans hoes have long sought beyond the original hardwood court. It has attracted a large number of have the whole world in view, fans in the skateboarding circles, art circle and fashion. Thirty years later, Dunk series of classic image still become an independent school. An important moment in the series came out thirty years, it will be a new face to show people. As Nike 〉recently on the network has already spread this pair of recent AirJordan5 "Tokyo23" color AirJordan5, but it is actually related to during the 90s college basketball team, one of the most representative team UniversityofMichigan (University of Michigan Wolverines), among the five main members including ChrisWebber, JalenRose, JuwanHoward, JimmyKing and RayJackson are called "FabFive" (Michigan tigers). and the TinkerHatfield will suddenly decide to make a team that used to represent the color of the shoes, which marks the beginning of JordanBrand and a team at the University of Michigan in new era. The photos from the official Nike release, see shoe design, use AirJordan5 and TinkerHatfield as its representative to the Michigan Fu color, add the word "M" on the tongue and embroidery embroidered "HailTo" and "TheVictors" for details; the heel position is the pattern used in the team to match the gesture. unfortunately, this pair of shoes are not for sale, the reason is to make a gift for TinkerHatfield design. sports field AirJordan5Gold5 Olympic gold men's basketball shoes 136027-133 $1299 to buy was a brilliant brand of basketball shoes and AND1 is declining, stop and engraved shoes are not affected the reputation of its sales. This summer, And 1 will bring Stephen Marbury - former Stephon Marbury Mid re engraved boots. uppers will be covered with a large number of lychee skin, the overall style of solid retro, ultra wear-resistant outsole will also be authentic repeat. in addition to the white purple color, And 1 will also cut a pair of Coney Island color matching Marbury Mid, the whole bright red, and with a transparent crystal bottom, aggressive and courageous Street gene exhibition. two color shoes will be on sale in June of this year. Sale methods and prices have not yet been announced. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you jordan shoes online sale into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! sports brand Nike recently for its classic shoes Air Huarache brings this brand new Slate Blue color. Inspired by a limited edition of "Slate" released in 1992, the shoe is designed to incorporate a dark blue leather top with a wide, rugged black outsole on the full outline of the identification. The Slate Blue version of the Nike Air Huarache will begin on February at , Crooked, Tongues , and other designated stores for sale. Ray Barbee x Vans joint limited series of red tiger / ASICS Gel Lyte V hit "Fiery Red" brand new color design comments on A: Ray Barbee x Vans joint limited series a red tiger Gel Lyte V / ASICS hit "Fiery Red" brand new color design when we first saw the Nike All Court Low low, feeling only "amazing" two words to describe, now this very new female charm job has strong landing force overseas well-known stores, the market will soon. As shown in , the uppers of these shoes are made of canvas, and the exact name of the pair should be red wine and raspberry so that everyone will not be confused with a large number of pink shoes. In addition, the soles of shoes and rubber shoes are the same color, not only from afar, but also with the monochromatic vamp mutual agitation, the collision of dazzling brilliance. Other noteworthy details include metallic eye circles and towels, fabric linings, etc. for more details on new products, please click on the perfect visual feast for the exclusive exposure of NBA shoes. Source: Battle shoes Wang red wine berry color; Nike All Court; breathable white Nike Toki comment on last article: red wine berry color, Nike, All, Court next article: breathable white Nike TokiAJ said, we will think of what? AJ girl? Fried shoes? So expensive? Not to buy? You want to? No matter how see someone wearing a pair of AJ, will be the envy of envy and hate! especially AJ 1!!! have you ever thought of wearing these AJ 1 will also be laughed at? is to say that you don't know these things today AJ 1! What is so expensive believe that many children will tangle: why I saw AJ are so expensive? As everyone knows the "Air Jordan" is Nike Michael Jordan ~AJ is to launch the s cheap air jordans hoes and the athletes with each other, the sneaker set another can not be ignored in the benchmark ~ in these factors pave the way based on AJ sales, in the shoe market is way ahead ~ this pair of "Chicago" officially unveiled in 1985, knocking at the eye-catching red and black color of the shoes, let us always remember AJ 1~ AJ is expensive, it is from the beginning of Jordan's first signature shoe, celebrity design excellence plus, resulting in over 20, 30 years after the same can dominate, coupled with engraved quantity demand, and price speculation, follow the trend of the cattle dog grab the goods, see now price AJ. Air Jordan, Low, Mid, High next to the friends have no such myth why AJ 1 Mid to more than 600 Chinese currency? Don't worry, take a look at the AJ 1 family shoes ~ spectrum Air Jordan 1 family shoes spectrum The first is OG ~ called OG, the name is original generation, refers to the special envoy of the shoes Memorial period; OG contains the first year and year engraved color (Retro), and the sale volume of them extremely rare collections also have value rose to rise again. The most rapid and effective method of and the difference between OG and High is OG NIKE the tongue, tongue AIR mark, followed by no LOGO; high tongue and heel are Michael LOGO. from left to right: 2016, 2009, 1985 actually has a great relationship with the shoe hole number, generally speaking, OG High is the 9 hole, 8 hole is Mid. But often said that the 8 hole 9 hole wild son, son, that's because AJ1 is generation refers to the 9 hole high to help. is like Jackie Chan and Jaycee Chan appearance grade is certainly different, but after all is one family, but the former is more big ~ so High price will be higher than Mid. It is important to note that is the Mid Mens 8 holes, female is 7 holes, AJ girl do not think they bought fake shoes. was originally called Air is a member of the Jordan family's fashion temperament, was born in 1986 in Air Jordan 2 integration design and handcraft, Italy luxury, no Swoosh, no Jumpman Logo, but also to build a C x such as Don Air Jordan 2 luxurious exquisite works of such joint! 's Jordan Brand this classic type of shoes based on cross-border fashion circle again, with the design concept of deconstruction bring a minimalis Cheap jordans online t style with a suede material presentation. Air Jordan 2 Deacon Mid first brought white and black two color color, whether it is the shoe body contour or texture, exudes a thick fashion charm. will be officially released in July 8th, two all-match styles, which pair you love more? number: 897521-100/897521-010 release date: July 8th& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to the "Fort Worth Star-Telegram" reported that we have seen this ad. The (Nike) Planet 10 most great basketball player, dressed as "Space Pioneer" in the figure in the hangar to fight a great temporary race. 10 people all of them a white, warm-up with stylized slow motion to show, finally put a dramatic gesture in the desert. Screen play "second approaching," stating that they will benefit from the sports shoe giant body. advertising image shine. ?? LeBron James and Kobe Bryant bear the brunt of the sun's All-Star all the scene - Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion, other players include:??? Tony Parker? Paul? Pierce, Jermaine? O'Neal, Rasheed? Wallace and Chris promising? Paul. to watch the fans, the players seem to be quite complete the collection. But the absence of that person to understand the NBA who is prominent, but he just is this shoe spokesman. Dirk where to go? "Actually, I was going to participate, but I was in Germany, I will not fly 12 hours to shoot an ad." Mavericks star Dirk? Nowitzki explained, "This is my reason. They invited me to a. " This is the name of Europe produced a popular candidate MVP's absence did not reduce the attractiveness of advertising, but it could have helped Nowitzki. can you? Mark? Cuban did not think so. Dallas billionaire boss has always stressed that "selling entertainment" instead of basketball concept. Kuban spent so much money in the field spent more time on the market experience. Nowitzki lack of exposure may be more profitable in the Nike ads and other media. "That's not him so special." Cuban said, "He belongs to it, but does not belong better in a larger scene, he may not All-Star, but when the dust settles, he will be to the end that individual package, then follow the trend may be more stylish; the contrary, when the tide of date, you will get something more valuable than the packaging which is a promising market, becau Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale se he does not need it now. " "franchise player" tag applied to the Union real elite talent Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavericks this season, or win the next few years could greatly dependent on the seven feet of golden bomber. Everybody knows, but everyone outside North Texas are really knew whether Dirk Nowitzki it? Does he care whether others understand yourself? answer as prophecy Nowitzki vacancy at 16 feet, how would do as easily as he decided not to, and best buddy Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, who appeared together small screen. "I really do not care if I participate in the ad, but a lot of people have asked me why I did not participate, so I guess this is an important issue for others." Nowitzki said, "if you participate certainly good." 28-year-old Nowitzki is not immune to the business, his recent contract extension will expire in 2011, he'll get nearly 150 million in Dallas. He also selected a number of product endorsements, although most advertising exposure are native Germany and Europe. Nowitzki see is family and rest, especially after a long NBA season, and every summer for the national team. Boris he can do? Becker, the German tennis representative Nowitzki childhood idol. Dirk Nowitzki of Becker's memory not just strong serve and volley. "(In the ad), he is always here to eat chocolate in there eating yogurt who spend time." Nowitzki said, "I think some of their time in the summer, I do not want around posing for pictures, and I There are enough photos to shoot. I'd rather two or three big partners, rather than 10 small around the world. I'd rather enjoy the calm. " Cuban Dirk Nowitzki agreed to maintain the inherent honesty and the ability to do more in the future but not now busy as soft drinks, shoes and electronic games when child care. "Dirk so people know what is more important to him that people would listen to him because he would not betray you." Cuban said, "He'll be honest with yourself, and you honestly communicate what is important to him. When those people who are busy selling shoes good time passed, they will be very difficult to re-define their own. " not to say that the sport has never Madison Avenue, sales do not always sell. Players in the top spokesman and champion also had a lot of contact with, such as Tiger? Tiger Woods, Cheap foamposites for sale Andre? Agassi, Peyton? Manning, Jeff? Gordon, Tom? Brady, Shaquille? O'Neal and cloth Lai Ente. But more often, the ultimate winner is still in the field. "I always think in the long run, the substance will beat style." TNT commentator Doug? Collins said, "You trained body, how well you play, what kind of team you potency playoff success and you will eventually experience than all the dazzling scenery. "Collins coached basketball can be described as the symbol of the bull, their team logo and with Jerry? West as a prototype NBA logo as easy to identify. Michael? Jordan revolutionized the football players at the basketball court. "When Michael came into the league, he is not the 'Air Jordan'." Collins recalls, "he came to reach that step. The difference is that today these young players into the league, these things before they come up with results on come. It's not their fault, but this system is so. " The system seems to never bound Dirk Nowitzki, he felt good. While the scenery is not enough so that he might not get the All-Star starting spot in fan voting, but he was just the sixth consecutive year chosen as the bench coach west. "They know I'm a dangerous player, I was helping our team." Currently only able to (local time) on February 18 to Las Vegas, the Mavericks player Dirk Nowitzki said, "this is the most important. In short I am not an all-star game type player. "All-Star Game is more beautiful, more running and jumping, more dunk shot nobody watching ...... 16 feet 16 feet in the All-Star game, dribble, pull the left. It's not that the game content . "This is not Dirk Nowitzki. He is far more than that, regardless of whether others know. Dirk power ? Dirk Nowitzki exposure in the United States for several reasons is not high: unpretentious If you want to see in between two defenders in the no-look bounce pass or slip bottom line oop, Dirk Nowitzki is not the person you want. Texas has the advantage of efficiency, textbook-like rebounds, jumper and blue-collar type of break basket. street cred Dirk looks more like extreme athletes rather than one of the best basketball player on the planet, and he has no tattoos, do not meet current player models. Foreign currency No matter how you look at, as foreign stars are not easy. Although rock star Dirk enjoy the same treatment in the country of Germany and Dallas, but in big cities like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, no one cares about him. unprecedented not previously a player such as Texas, so people do not really know him. We can Kobe? Kobe Bryant (Michael?), Dwyane? Wade (Isiah? Thomas) and LeBron? James (Scotty? Pippen) find prototype, but who and Dirk similar? 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Mud jeans the value of $425 in Prps which is only moderately priced, the most expensive to tens of thousands of Chinese currency. What makes so expensive? is real. and many famous cowboy brand is different, although there are Prps selling raw cattle, but it is the main water washing process for cattle, more elaborate and famous. Prps each of the jeans are like a piece of art, great impact and identification, exquisite and gorgeous. but an expensive jeans in the end is how to do it? By what process? What is unique? in order to solve the mystery, I deliberately went to the washing plant, reducing the water washing process a pair of Prps jeans, and field observation of natural faded jeans produced in different process and damage effect. Prps the jeans while doing a large area of white and yellow, but from the legs and waist can see, its color is actually very dark, Zhahua made by washing the shallow water marks, and the hand acupuncture site had obvious contrast depth, the cat must through the folds of the stereoscopic formation. Between the lines and color transition nature, each block of dirty features, together is not abrupt, with each other to coordinate each other. generally, formed to manual process and washing of a washing jeans, cat, hanging nail, grinding, blasting, spraying monkey belong to the manual process, wash, wash, pickling, leaven stone wash, snow wash etc. belong to washing process. this is a raw cow. The cow is washing cloth with jeans is the original cattle processed. (this is just to imitate the Prps version of the washing effect, cut flower bag please ignore it.) & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; crushed first, according to the Prps jeans picture showed cat. (although PRPS jeans do a large range of white, but in the base or cat lines.) also painted the folds including the thighs. if the jeans are not smooth, need to use iron. according to the length of pants draw cellular region. hand in the cell area to catch stereo fold, and fixed the high temperature steam iron. use the same method to catch whiskers 〉The new sports players adidas Skateboarding Lucas Pro Series skateboard shoes 2013-05-24 12:02:47 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network May 24 hearing, in 2013 spring quarter, its sports brand adidas adidas Skateboarding skateboard branch to bring this new Lucas Pro series. French occupation riders Lucas Puig personal signature style shoes as wide round hair like uppers use adidas Skateboarding representative SPRINTSKIN ? material to create, to demand the same time both as a lightweight breathable, comfortable and equipped with a cushion outsole, and There are a variety of colors to choose from. & nbsp; & nbsp; Related news0.jpg (111.8 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-24 10:59 upload In order to celebrate the establishment of 20th anniversary 1.jpg (115.25 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-24 10:59 upload 2.jpg (59.96 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-24 10:59 upload 3.jpg (392.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-24 10:59 upload 4.jpg (89.26 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-24 10:59 upload 5.jpg (108.38 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-24 10:59 upload 6.jpg (113.38 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-2-24 10:59 upload The KingCS 2013-8-29 08:43 editor a-detailed-look-at-the-nike-lebron-11-12.jpg (161.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-8-29 08:27 upload in 1995, by Tinker Hatfield Air Jordan 11 was published, there was a lot of criticism, but also completely subvert the concept of change shoes design. In 2013, by Jason Petrie Nike LeBron was 11, one of the most horrible hand will attack Lebron · for the NBA; James LeBron James into a unique image in the shoes, the Nike Hyperposite Nike Hyperfuse, the highest level of protection on the collocation of Lunarlon and Nike shock Zoom technology to provide LeBron James instant start and attack after the completion of the course to provide effective protection, and with the start of season eleventh in the league, has won two gold medals, two rings and four MVP, the number 11 is representing a new start, also means that the occupation career brilliant new step. a-detailed-look-at-the-nike-lebron-11-21.jpg (190.7 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-8-29 08:27 upload and both strength and precision characteristic of Nike LeBron 11, is also the most light on a pair of LeBron exclusive boots, also has fast response and good package, and in order to commemorate this special occasion, LeBron James also with the design team in 2011 he visited Xi'an design concept for Terracotta Army shock join shoes when the "Terracotta Warrior", the Terracotta Army stone color, with purple, green and red color collocation, simple color, restore the original color of Terracotta Army. Texture pattern symbol of soldiers dressed in the upper body armor, a symbol of LeBron James the same fighter spirit, at the same time with the number 11 unique dual symmetry on the tongue has a design icon and insoles symmetrical which contained, and the classic Nike e