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Popular exposure allows you to "step" wind NIKE brand sports shoes 2006-08-12 08:51:04 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Chinese shoes network] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; NIKE sneakers leadership in functionality already been recognized in the minds of consumers, provides excellent functionality and protection of the movement of people think of the shape of a diversified won The first sports brand in the title. & nbsp; Related newsPopular contacting adidas Originals ZX Series Special Edition 2006-12-28 09:33:43 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: Tencent] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ZX500 animal version (red and black) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [adidas] classic running shoe from 1984, when it is based on a long-distance players identity to enter the market, especially manufactured midsole extends backward, make the wearer to maximize stability. Vamp to spend classic nylon mesh, plus suede uppers make more durable, but snakeskin part of this version is the use of artificial snakeskin, its purpose is to let more people feel the mid-1980s At that time the Hip-Hop Culture. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ZX700 animal version (black and red fluorescent yellow) This model was first to launch during the summer of 1985, a pair of professional sports specially developed for the long-distance movement running shoes. Professionally designed soles greatly reduce the chance of leg injury, and special shock absorbers ru Cheap air jordans for sale bber soles made considerably more different shock absorption. The shoes are composed of different polymers more affixed to the foot, it can optionally be adjusted according to individual needs as much as possible to improve comfort. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ZX800 animal version (black colored snakeskin) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [adidas] classic sneakers ZX800 first sale in 1986, it is more advanced limited edition sneakers design and development. For the first time more was added to the shock-absorbing midsole and greatly increase the compression capsule, thereby increasing the stability and reduce the impact force caused by the movement, is for those who pursue high-quality research and development of sports shoes and a pair of professional sports shoes. Plus more on the tongue, and adjustable foot comfort regulator, make this pair of running shoes can adapt to any environment. Related newsAbout our contact, privacy policy, advertising, Recruitment Information 2016LONG7.COM, ALL, RIGHTS, RESERVED / POWERED, BY, LONG7, PROFESSIONAL, SNEAKER, MEDIA, Shanghai, ICP, ready for No. The trend of industry Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper Gosha Rubchinskiyj in St Petersburg recently released a new 2018 spring and summer series, this season in addition to joint continuation and Adidas, called Burberry, the typical British brand and street brand joint is extremely rare, it is reported that the joint series will be officially on sale on january.Nike Air Max 1 October full preview 2013-12-08 23:36:52 next month, Nike Spo jordan shoes online sale rtswear will bring us a variety of new color matching Nike Air Max 1, the classic contour and special color matching, bring a new attraction for this old shoes. Among them, the collision color design and splicing of different materials become the main theme of this new wave. It is reported that this wave of new Nike Air Max 1 will be from October onwards in the major stores shelves, you have the favorite color words, do not miss. The last memory of Nike summer popular shoes Nike Free Woven again has a new color, published. This double Free Woven with grey out, the whole body of the shoe and leather woven surface detail parts with grey showing its characteristics, some straight braided segments mixed with gold threads, making the overall sense of design to improve a lot, take the Free 3 shoe outsole, definitely worth fans attention. This pair of Free Woven has not yet been further available, so please stay tuned. continues to introduce Layupshot's Bespoke custom Air Force 1, which is the Gary Payton of the supersonic period. With the supersonic Away Jersey color shoes by white fabric collocation and red leather dark green suede, finally wearing yellow shoes, shoes still player's jersey number, embroidery initials, all star number and other information. 2013-1-4 08:37 upload and download attachments (111.69 KB) 2013-1-4 08:37 upload download attachment (116.31, KB) 2013-1-4 08:37 upload download attachment (104.69, KB) 2013-1-4 08:37 upload download attachment (66.1, KB) new jordans shoes for sale g (50.47 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:00 upload BbsImg139057833279598_750_539.jpg (54.58 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:01 upload BbsImg139057833298403_750_752.jpg (47.5 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:01 upload BbsImg139057833363991_750_277.jpg (40.42 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:01 upload BbsImg139057833498049_750_278.jpg (27.05 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-25 09:01 upload Jordan, fluorescent 00 from the current style, Mandelson has determined that the third version of the proposal was passed. Is there any deeper meaning behind such a strong one? Does it signal a hardening of his approach to trade friction between China and Europe? from the current situation, the EU may have two major moves: first, the introduction of the first trade strategy document to China; two, pressure on China on the trade deficit problem. the rising trade between China and Europe has led the European Union to consider its overall strategic issues. European Union trade general officials told the financial times that the European Commission is preparing a trade strategy document for China, which is expected to be introduced in 2006. Although its specific content is still the top secret of the EU, Mandelson's attitude towards China is still cautious from a series of recent statements. May 2006, Mandelson delivered a speech on China's trade strategy in Switzerland, said Chinese is "one of the biggest challenges in the field of trade globali cheap foamposites for sale zation, Europe must take Chinese as a" global partnership a threat, an opportunity and expected". "The key challenges in China EU trade are intellectual property protection, market access and investment opportunities," he said. , however, Mandelson did not point to another near-term issue that could spark a quarrel between China and Europe - the trade deficit. The financial times has learned from different sources that some organizations are lobbying the Brussels on this issue and that the European Union will follow the United States and put pressure on China on this issue. EU think-tank -- the European policy center of China EU relations researcher Axel berkofsky days prior to the "Financial Times" said that the European Commission is to grasp the situation and numbers, it should not be ignored this problem. According to the unilateral figures provided by axel, the EU's trade deficit with China reached 80 billion euros in 2004, reaching 100 billion euros in 2005, which will certainly be higher in 2006. Axel berkofsky also believes that economic and trade relations are the most substantive part of China EU relations, and the two sides must properly handle the trade deficit problem. from the current situation, the European Commission and member states have not yet formed a joint effort on this issue. The European Commission has never discussed the issue openly, though the European Union mission in China has openly mentioned the issue. From the point of view of textiles, shoes and other issues, the early lobbying of interest groups is always in secret. Once the European Union openly discusses the trade deficit, the situation may be serious, and China must take precautions in advance. of course, Mandelson shot before must be cautious, after all, the EU economic and trade more and more dishes, the volume of trade between the EU and China the world's two largest economy by more than 20% every year)Jordan Brand's Jordan Trunner LX training shoes popular official attention in this season, all the blessings of the new color makes it become the focus of the topic. Recently, another classic comprehensive training shoes Jordan Alpha Trunner also won the official attention and will return again. The shoes with red, black two colors appear in front of everyone, breathable mesh and canvas material collocation shows excellent texture, the shoe body profile plus strap system and unique sense of the future, presumably the new design will set off a new round of fashion shoes. 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[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation which country] Reebok Reebok and Xtep logo is very similar to a lot of people will be inattentive to confuse these two brands, engage Reebok is not clear exactly which country. In fact, in 1895, Reebok company? William? Forster in Europe created by the British sprint enthusiast Joseph, and in Europe more than 80 years of successful operation. Until 1979, American Paul? Foreman obtained the right to operate in North America, Reebok, and Reebok business will gradually become well-known international brands. In 1987, Reebok became the first global brand sports shoes, it's comfort, protection, high-tech quality and more style favored by national sports enthusiast. The English name of the Reebok brand Reebok, the original meaning is a guide to the Department of African antelope, which figure to be light, good run. Reebok Reebok company wants consumers to wear Reebok shoes, I would like Reebok antelope, as in the vast sky, vertical and horizontal Chi Ben, the full enjoyment of the sport. Reebok brand glory of the moment, in 2003, was acquired German brand Adidas, Reebok so now that the German brand is not excessive. After the acquisition of Reebok, Adidas, and it has not changed its brand name. The combined company will be able to expand its market share well, especially in the small share of Adidas before US market. In addition, other sporting goods companies, such as Reebok's golf equipment, apparel and Salomon ski equipment, clothing, also can make the new company to become more powerful in the world's sporting goods market. So, if you ask which country Reebok, you can answer it the birthplace of the original brand of the United States to be answered now we have the Reebok brand Adidas brand birthplace of Germany. 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